Vision, Mission, Values, & Focus Areas

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All Jefferson County Public Schools students graduate prepared, empowered, and inspired to reach their full potential and contribute as thoughtful, responsible citizens of our diverse, shared world.


To challenge and engage each learner to grow through effective teaching and meaningful experiences within caring, supportive environments

Core Values

  • Caring—All Ͷע children are nurtured as if they are our own.

  • Equity—All students receive an education that gives them what they need to thrive through differentiated supports focused on removing social factors as a predictor of success.

  • Excellence—Empowering people to lead, create, and innovate is essential to creating a culture of excellence.

  • Respect—All students, staff, and families are treated with dignity and respect as members of a safe and welcoming learning community.

  • Individuality—Children learn differently and require personalized approaches to learning.

  • Diversity—Our diversity is a strength—differences of each are assets of the whole.

  • Opportunity—Effective teaching is the most powerful tool for engaging and motivating students to reach their full potential.

  • Creativity—The ability to create, innovate, and solve challenging problems is a critical skill for educators and children to develop and employ in teaching and learning.

  • Collaboration—Relationships, cooperation, and partnerships among students, staff, families, and community are fundamental to the success of our students.

  • Stewardship—Adults model integrity, respect, and responsibility through mindful stewardship of talents, resources, and time.

Focus Areas and Goals

Learning, Growth, and Development

Increasing Capacity and Improving Culture

  • Professional Capacity in Teachers and Leaders

  • High-Performing Teams

Improving Infrastructure and Integrating Systems

  • Infrastructure Improvements

  • Communications, Engagement, and Access to Information

  • Technology for Learning and Operations

  • Access to Public School Choice

Ͷע Strategic Plan—Vision 2020: Excellence With Equity

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Vision 2020 In Action

JCTA Alignment with Vision 2020

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