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Office / Department Phone
Academics Division (502) 485-3476
Accelerated Improvement Schools (502 )485-3080
Accelerated Improvement Schools (502)485-3011
Accountability, Research, & Systems Improvement Division (502) 485-3036
Accounting Services (502) 546-6630
Accounting Services - Coordinator (502)485-3011
Accounting Services - Supervisor (502)485-3011
Accounting Services Area-0 (502)485-3011
Accounting Services Area-1 (502)485-3011
Accounting Services Area-2 (502)485-3011
Accounts Payable (502)485-3011
Ackerly (502)629-2039
Activities, Athletics, & Academic Competitions (502) 805-6078
Administrator Recruitment & Development (502)485-3114
Adult & Continuing Education (502)485-3400
Ahrens Educational Resource (502)485-8201
Atkinson Academy (502)485-8203
Audubon Youth Development Center (502)429-7287
Bellewood Presbyterian Home For Children (502)244-4439
Benefits & Employee Services (502)485-3436
Binet School (502)485-8209
Breckinridge Metropolitan High (502)485-6678
Breckinridge-Franklin Elementary (502)485-8215
Brooklawn Youth Services (502)515-0460
Brown School (502)485-8216
Budget (502)485-3438
Buildings and Grounds
Byck Elementary (502)485-8221
Cane Run Elementary (502)485-8223
Center At Riverport
Challenger Learning Center (502)485-3011
Chief of Staff (502) 485-6644
Churchill Park School (502)485-8229
Cochran Elementary (502)485-8230
Coleridge-Taylor Montessori Elementary (502)485-8232
College and Career Readiness (502)485-3787
Communications (502)485-3551
Communications & Community Relations Division (502) 485-3551
Community Data (502)485-3506
Community Engagement (502)485-3506
Community Support Services (502)485-7709
Compliance & Investigations (502) 485-3341
Conway Middle School (502)485-8233
Counseling & Guidance (502) 485-3011
Data Control (502) 485-3338
Dawson Orman Ed. Ctr (502)485-7008
Demographics (502)485-3011
Digital Innovation (502)485-3011
Digital Privacy and Cybersecurity (502)485-3011
Diversity, Equity, & Poverty Programs Division (502)485-3506
Doss High (502)485-8239
Dubois Academy (502)485-7100
Duvalle Education Center (502)485-3558
DuValle Education Center (502)485-3558
Early Childhood (502) 485-3919
ECE Assessment (502)485-3011
ECE Placement & Assessment (502)485-3011
Elementary Academics (502) 485-3850
Elementary Schools Zone-1 (502)485-7344
Elementary Schools Zone-2 (502)485-6258
Elementary Schools Zone-3 (502)485-6203
Engelhard Elementary (502)485-8246
Equity & Inclusion (502)485-3506
Ernest Camp Edwards Education Complex
eSchool (502) 485-3173
ESL Newcomer Academy (502)485-6324
Exceptional Child Education (502) 485-8500
Facility Management (502)485-6100
Facility Planning (502)485-3315
Family Resource & Youth Services Centers (502)485-3703
Finance (502)485-3200
Finance Support Center
Financial Services (502)485-3200
Foster Traditional Academy (502)485-8253
Frayser Elementary (502)485-8255
Frederick Law Olmsted Academy North (502)485-8331
Frederick Law Olmsted Academy South (502)485-8270
General Counsel (502) 485-3622
General Maintenance, Renovations, & Grounds (502) 485-3565
George Unseld Early Childhood Center (502)968-7222
Gifted & Talented/Advance Program (502) 485-3664
Grants & Awards (502)485-3461
Grants and Awards - Supervisor (502)485-3011
Greenwood Elementary School (502)485-8260
Health Services (502) 485-3387
Heuser Hearing & Language Academy (502)485-2084
High Schools (502) 485-7350
High Schools Area-1 (502)485-3011
High Schools Area-2 (502)485-3011
Home Of The Innocents Discovery (502)587-9042
Home Of The Innocents School (502)587-9042
Human Resources (502) 485-3511
Human Resources Division (502) 485-6232
Human Resources Personnel Services (502) 485-3511
Human Resources Support Services (502)485-3370
Information Technology
Information Technology Division (502) 485-3011
Integration Technology (502)485-3010
Internal Audit (502)485-3011
Internal Audit (502) 485-6344
Iroquois High (502)485-8269
Jacob Elementary (502)485-8271
Jaeger Preschool (502)485-8296
Ͷע Main (502) 313-4357
Johnsontown Road Elementary (502)485-8278
Kennedy Elementary Montessori (502)485-8280
King Elementary (502)485-8285
Labor Management & Employee Relations (502)485-3685
Liberty High School (502)485-7100
Library Media Services (502)485-3090
Library Media Services (502) 485-3090
Louisville Day Treatment (502)485-7126
Mary Grace Jaeger Education Center
Mary Jo & William MacDonald Maryhurst
Mary Ryan Academy (502)485-8988
Materials Production (502) 485-3330
Maupin Elementary (502)485-8310
McFerran Preparatory Academy (502)485-8297
McFerran Preschool
Mechanical Maintenance (502)485-3418
Middle Schools (502) 485-3006
Mill Creek Elementary (502)485-8301
Minor Daniels Academy (502)485-8316
Minors Lane Elementary (502)485-8303
Moore Traditional School (502)485-8304
Newburg Middle School (502)485-8306
Office of Multilingual Learners (502) 485 3623
Office of School Choice (502) 485-6250
Office of Student Relations (502) 485-3335
Office of the Superintendent (502) 485-3251
Open Records (502) 485-3584
Operations Fiscal Services (502)485-3011
Operations Services Division (502) 485-7655
Pathfinder School of Innovation (502)485-3173
Payroll & Cash Management (502) 485-3248
Peace Academy (502)451-3338
Performance & Technology (502)485-3116
Physical Development & Health Services (502)485-3387
Planning & Program Evaluation (502)485-6254
Price Elementary (502)485-8315
Professional Development & Learning (502) 485-3415
Professional Learning & Support Services (502)485-3850
Property Management, Maintenance, and Support Services
Pupil Personnel (502)485-3338
Purchasing (502)485-3543
Rangeland Elementary (502)485-8317
Real Estate & Insurance (502)485-3313
Research & Systems Improvement (502) 485-3036
Resource Development (502)485-3290
Restorative Practices (502)485-3631
Robert Frost Sixth-Grade Academy (502)485-8256
Roosevelt Perry Elementary (502)485-8319
Safety & Environmental Services (502)485-3298
School & Community Nutrition Services (502) 485-3186
School Business Partnerships (502)485-3995
School Climate and Culture (502) 485-3295
School-Based Decision Making
Schools Division (502) 485-3011
Secondary Academics (502) 485-3051
Security & Investigations
Semple Elementary (502)485-8324
Seneca High (502)485-8323
Shelby Traditional Academy (502)485-8327
Slaughter Elementary (502)485-8328
Social Emotional Learning (502)485-3946
South Park TAPP (502)485-8748
Southern High School (502)485-8330
State Agency Administration (502)485-3011
Stuart Middle (502)485-8334
Student Assignment (502)485-6250
Student Equity & Community Engagement (502)485-6153
Student Support Services (502) 485-3255
Supply Services (502)485-3157
Testing (502)485-3388
The Academy @ Shawnee (502)485-8326
The Brook-Dupont (502)893-2219
The Brook-KMI (502)426-0163
The Phoenix School Of Discovery
Thomas Jefferson Middle (502)485-8273
Title I, II, IV, & Programmatic Support (502) 485-3240
Train User (502) 485-6991
Transition Readiness (502)485-3320
Transportation Services (502) 485-3470
Trunnell Elementary (502)485-8337
U OF L Pact Program
Valley High School (502)485-8339
VanHoose Custodian (502)485-3011
Vehicle Maintenance (502)485-3423
Volunteer Talent Center (502)485-3506
Waggener High School (502)485-8340
Waller Environmental (502)485-8560
Watson Lane Elementary (502)485-8341
Wellington Elementary (502)485-8343
Western Day Treatment (502)447-9145
Western High School (502)485-8344
Westport TAPP (502)485-8347
Wheatley Elementary (502)485-8348
Young Elementary (502)485-8354
Youth Performing Arts School (502)485-8355
Namesort descending Office / Department Location Phone Fax
Aberli, Thomas. Exec Administrator Budget Financial Planning & Management Van Hoose Education Center (502)485-6850 (502)485-8985
Alexander, Delena. Principal Special Prog Tapp South Park TAPP South Park TAPP (502)485-8347 (502)485-8120
Alexander, Delena. Principal Special Prog Tapp Westport TAPP Westport TAPP (502)485-8347 (502)485-8120
Alexander, Delena. Principal Special Prog Tapp GEORGIA CHAFFEE TAPP Van Hoose Education Center (502)485-8347 (502)485-8120
Allen, William. Principal High School Butler Traditional High School Butler Traditional High (502)485-8220 (502)485-8517
Alvey, Sara. Principal Elementary School Wilkerson Elementary Wilkerson Traditional Elementary (502)485-8324 (502)485-8144
Ammerman, Kara. Principal Middle School Echo Trail Middle Echo Trail Middle (502)485-8340 (502)485-8140
Arnold, Tonya. Principal Elementary School Fern Creek Elementary Fern Creek Elementary (502)485-8317 (502)485-8874
Atkinson, Charles. Principal Elementary School Fairdale Elementary School Fairdale Elementary (502)485-8247 (502)485-8371
Barber, Tracy. Principal Elementary School Dunn Elementary School Dunn Elementary (502)485-8309 (502)485-8482
Bard, Stephanie. Principal Transitional Educ Minor Daniels Academy Minor Daniels Academy (502)485-8339 (502)485-8666
Barnett, Sheridan. Principal Elementary School Hite Elementary School Hite Elementary (502)485-8267 (502)485-7006
Bauscher, Julia. Classified Sub Admin-Ktrs School & Community Nutrition Services C.B. Young Jr. Service Center (502)485-3428 (502)485-3910
Benfield, Heather. Asst Superindendent Ms Middle Schools Van Hoose Education Center (502)485-3673
Benfield, Heather. Asst Superindendent Ms High Schools Area-2 Van Hoose Education Center (502)485-3011
Biasiolli, Susan. Exec DiR Facility Plan/Design Facility Planning C.B. Young Jr. Service Center (502)485-3315 (502)485-3677
Biggs, Maureen. Asst Principal Middle School Ramsey Middle School Ramsey Middle (502)485-8391 (502)485-8973
Billops, Joy. Principal Elementary School Greenwood Elementary School Greenwood Elementary
Boemker, Donald. Principal Elementary School Stonestreet Elementary Stonestreet Elementary (502)485-8333 (502)485-8450
Bonds, Laqueisha. Principal Elementary School Mill Creek Elementary Mill Creek Elementary (502)485-8301 (502)485-8524
Bourgeois, Joshua. Principal Middle School Thomas Jefferson Middle Thomas Jefferson Middle (502)485-8975 (502)485-8696
Boyer, Mark. Principal Elementary School Klondike Elementary Klondike Lane Elementary (502)485-8298 (502)485-8572
Branch, Rhonda. Principal Middle School Johnson Traditional Middle Johnson Traditional Middle (502)485-8316 (502)485-8791
Brooks, April. Exec DiRec Activities/Athletcs Activities, Athletics, & Academic Competitions Valley Traditional High (502)485-8391 (502)485-8973
Burns, Angela. Principal Elementary School Chenoweth Elementary School Chenoweth Elementary (502)485-8259 (502)485-8768
Burton, Jessica. Manager Of Payroll Payroll & Cash Management Van Hoose Education Center (502)485-3400 (502)485-7501
Carmichael-Mil, Sarah. Principal Elementary School Frayser Elementary Frayser Elementary (502)485-8203 (502)485-8743
Carmichael-Mur, Marcia. Principal Elementary School Coleridge-Taylor Montessori Elementary Coleridge-Taylor Montessori Elementary (502)485-8232 (502)485-8738
Carney, Brandi. Principal Elementary School Wellington Elementary Wellington Elementary (502)485-8343 (502)485-8525
Carter, Jessica. Principal Elementary School Goldsmith Elementary Goldsmith Elementary (502)485-3279 (502)485-3776
Carter, Laquetta. Principal Elementary School Hartstern Elementary Hartstern Elementary (502)485-8345 (502)485-8047
Case, Melissa. Principal Elementary School Lincoln Elementary Performing Arts Lincoln Elementary (502)485-8291
Cathey, Keith. Principal High School Louisville Male High School Louisville Male High (502)485-8311 (502)485-8093
Cave, Jennifer. Principal Middle School Noe Middle Noe Middle (502)485-8307 (502)485-8056
Chancellor, Julie. Principal High School Doss High Doss High MCA (502)485-8339 (502)485-8738
Chapleau-Mettl, Nicole. Asst Principal Elementary Middletown Elementary Middletown Elementary (502)485-8300 (502)485-8424
Cheatham, Melissa. Principal Elementary School Cochran Elementary Cochran Elementary (502)485-8273 (502)485-8045
Collier, Matthew. Principal Elementary School St Matthews Elementary ST MATTHEWS ELEMENTARY (502)485-8321 (502)485-8582
Compton, Tamela. Principal High School Central High School MCA Central High School MCA (502)485-7691 (502)485-7407
Conner, Brent. Principal Middle School Jefferson County Traditional Middle Jefferson County Traditional Middle (502)485-8221 (502)485-8805
Cooper, Amanda. Principal Elementary School Smyrna Elementary Smyrna Traditional Elementary (502)485-8329 (502)485-8484
Corbin, Brandy. Principal High School Fairdale High School Fairdale High MCA (502)485-8248 (502)485-8761
Corrigan, Shannon. Principal Middle School Kammerer Middle Kammerer Middle (502)485-8346 (502)485-8590
Cravens, Analese. Principal Elementary School Zachary Taylor Elementary Zachary Taylor Elementary (502)485-8246 (502)485-8793
Currin, Jennie. Principal High School Valley High School Valley Traditional High (502)485-8339 (502)485-8884
Dahlgren, Alison. Principal Elementary School Sanders Elementary Sanders Elementary (502)485-8327 (502)485-8507
Danger-Mercade, Giselle. Specialist Access/Opportunity Student Equity & Community Engagement C.B. Young Jr. Service Center (502)485-3650 (502)485-6155
Davis, Brian. Principal Elementary School Coral Ridge Elementary Coral Ridge Elementary (502)485-8319 (502)585-5239
Dawson, Darren. Principal Middle School Robert Frost Sixth-Grade Academy Robert Frost Sixth-Grade Academy (502)485-8256
Dawson, Darren. Principal Middle School Stuart Middle Stuart Middle School (502)485-8334
Dempsey, Barbara. Support Staff Substitute Student Assignment Van Hoose Education Center (502)485-6307 (502)485-6251
Detre, Jason. Principal High School Lassiter Middle School Lassiter Middle (502)485-8288
Detre, Jason. Principal High School Moore Traditional School Moore Traditional (502)485-8304
Dobbs, Marcus. Ex Adm Stu Tran Fleet Mgmt Ser Transportation Services C.B. Young Jr. Service Center (502)485-3470
Dorsey, Delquan. Manager DiVersity Community Engagement C.B. Young Jr. Service Center (502)485-3506 (502)485-3630
Dossett, Dena. Chief Acct Res & Systems Imp Data Management, Planning, & Program Evaluation Services Division Van Hoose Education Center (502)485-7074 (502)485-6255
Dotson-Perkins, Michelle. Principal Elementary School Portland Elementary Portland Elementary (502)485-8269 (502)485-8033
Duff, Sheryl. Principal High School Pleasure Ridge Park High Pleasure Ridge Park High MCA (502)485-8226 (502)485-7034
Durham, Jarrad. Principal High School Jeffersontown High School Jeffersontown High MCA (502)485-8275 (502)485-8032
Eckels, Zachary. Principal Elementary School Schaffner Elementary Schaffner Traditional Elementary (502)485-8303 (502)485-8480
Ellison, Joseph. Asst Superintendent Hs High Schools Van Hoose Education Center (502)485-3997 (502)485-8174
Espinosa, Penny. Principal Elementary School Wheeler Elementary Wheeler Elementary (502)485-8349 (502)485-8607
Fiaschetti, Brent. Principal Elementary School Norton Elementary School Norton Elementary (502)485-8306 (502)485-8883
Fishback, Sylena. Dir Louisvlle Tchr Residency Volunteer Talent Center C.B. Young Jr. Service Center (502)485-7967 (502)485-8144
Fluhr, Stephanie. Principal High School Atherton High School Atherton High School (502)485-8272 (502)485-8635
Forseth, Jennifer. Principal Elementary School Kerrick Elementary School Kerrick Elementary (502)485-8284
Franklin, Tanesha. Principal Elementary School Crums Lane Elementary Crums Lane Elementary (502)485-3558 (502)485-8713
Franklin-Willi, Marcella. Principal Middle School Frederick Law Olmsted Academy North Olmsted Academy North (502)485-8224 (502)485-8394
Frazier-Goatle, Latonya. Principal High School Grace M. James Academy of Excellence Grace M. James Academy of Excellence (502)485-7424 (502)485-3936
Fulk, Robert. Chief Operations Officer Operations Services Division Van Hoose Education Center (502)485-8304 (502)485-8168
Fuller, Elizabeth. Principal Elementary School Cochrane Elementary Cochrane Elementary (502)485-8203 (502)485-8743
Fulson, Keisha. Principal Elementary School Wheatley Elementary Wheatley Elementary (502)485-8301 (502)485-8524
Gallagher, Trisha. Principal Special School Binet School Binet School (502)485-3275 (502)485-3776
Garrison, Thomas. Manager Special Projects Performance & Technology Van Hoose Education Center (502)485-3116 (502)485-3830
Goggin-Miller, Eileen. Director Resource Development Resource Development Van Hoose Education Center (502)485-3290 (502)485-8986
Gossett, Jeffrey. Sub Retired Administrator Louisville Metro Youth Center LOUISVILLE METRO YOUTH CENTER (502)485-8330 (502)485-8029
Gossett, Jeffrey. Sub Retired Administrator Ahrens Educational Resource AHRENS EDUCATIONAL RESOURCE (502)485-8330 (502)485-8029
Grace, Courtney. Principal Elementary School Hazelwood Elementary School Hazelwood Elementary (502)485-8264 (502)485-8965
Green, Vanessa. Principal Middle School Highland Middle School Highland Middle School (502)485-8273 (502)485-8045
Guy, Michael. Principal High School Seneca High Seneca High MCA (502)485-8279 (502)485-8618
Hartstern, Paige. Asst Superintendent El Elementary Schools Zone-2 Van Hoose Education Center (502)485-6258 (502)485-7454
Hayes, Cassandra. Principal Elementary School Layne Elementary Layne Elementary (502)485-8222 (502)485-8812
Haynes, Rebecca. Principal Elementary School Hawthorne Elementary Hawthorne Elementary (502)485-8222 (502)485-8146
Hedges, Rhonda. Principal Elementary School King Elementary King Elementary (502)485-8209 (502)485-8776
Helm, Stephanie. Principal Elementary School Kennedy Elementary Montessori Kennedy Montessori Elementary (502)485-8205 (502)485-8798
Henderson, Jameelah. Principal Elementary School Kenwood Elementary Kenwood Elementary (502)485-8260 (502)485-8046
Hetzel, April. Principal Elementary School Okolona Elementary School Okolona Elementary (502)485-8309 (502)485-8482
Hill, Michael. Principal Elementary School Watterson Elementary Watterson Elementary (502)485-8328 (502)485-8486
Hitchings, Sarah. Principal High School Waggener High School Waggener High (502)485-8566 (502)485-7116
Hodge, Whitney. Principal Elementary School Carter Elementary Carter Traditional Elementary (502)485-8266 (502)485-8453
Horn, Christie. Principal Elementary School Cane Run Elementary Cane Run Elementary (502)485-8223
Horn, Christie. Principal Elementary School Watson Lane Elementary Watson Lane Elementary (502)485-8341
Howard, Jimica. Principal Elementary School Shelby Traditional Academy Shelby Elementary (502)485-8334 (502)485-8713
Howard, Stephen. Principal Elementary School Johnsontown Road Elementary Johnsontown Road Elementary (502)485-8238 (502)485-8448
Huber, Erik. Principal Transitional Educ Breckinridge Metropolitan High Breckinridge Metropolitan (502)485-6678
Hunter, Monica. Principal High School Dubois Academy Liberty High (502)485-8307 (502)485-8056
Ivory, Tioka. Principal Elementary School Chancey Elementary School Chancey Elementary (502)485-8387 (502)485-8412
Jacobs, Jack. Principal Elementary School Bloom Elementary Bloom Elementary (502)485-8211 (502)485-8809
Johnson, Ronald. Supervisor Housekeeping Servc Facility Management C.B. Young Jr. Service Center (502)485-6950 (502)491-7290
Johnson, Shamika. Principal Middle School Newburg Middle School Newburg Middle (502)485-8241 (502)485-8035
Jones, Lakeasha. Principal Elementary School McFerran Preparatory Academy McFerran Preparatory Academy (502)485-8319 (502)585-5239
Kelly, Michael. Principal High School Western High School Western MST Magnet High (502)485-8235 (502)485-8424
Kessinger, Todd. Exec Admin Security & Investig Security & Investigations C.B. Young Jr. Service Center (502)485-3111
Kiggins, Mashelle. Principal Elementary School Rangeland Elementary Rangeland Elementary (502)485-8317 (502)485-8874
Kimbrough, Charita. Principal Elementary School Shacklette Elementary Shacklette Elementary (502)485-8242 (502)485-8663
Kolodey, Carla. Principal Elementary School Byck Elementary Byck Elementary (502)485-8319 (502)585-5239
Lanier, Christel. Principal Middle School Knight Middle School Knight Middle (502)485-8266 (502)485-8831
Lawrence, Erica. Principal Elementary School Young Elementary Young Elementary (502)485-7750 (502)485-8659
Lawrence, Erica. Principal Elementary School McFerran Preschool DETRICK EDUCATION CENTER (502)485-7750 (502)485-8659
Lee, Kristina. Principal Special School Churchill Park School Churchill Park School (502)485-8229 (502)485-8982
Lett, Jeannie. Principal Middle School Conway Middle School Conway Middle (502)485-8233
Lynch, Brent. Director Pupil Personnel Pupil Personnel Lam Building (502)485-6141 (502)363-1453
Marks-Johns, Lamesa. Asst Superintendent El Elementary Schools Zone-1 Van Hoose Education Center (502)485-8297 (502)485-8362
Marshall, Charles. Principal Middle School Meyzeek Middle School Meyzeek Middle (502)485-8304 (502)485-8168
Marshall, John. Chief Equity Officer -Clas Diversity, Equity, & Poverty Programs Division C.B. Young Jr. Service Center (502)485-3518 (502)485-3630
Marshall, Kimberly. Specialist Human Resources Roosevelt Perry Elementary Roosevelt/Perry Elementary (502)485-8319 (502)585-5239
Mccoy, Ryan. Principal Elementary School Engelhard Elementary Engelhard Elementary (502)485-8210 (502)485-8469
Mccutcheon, Sara. Principal Transitional Educ Liberty High School Liberty High (502)485-8292 (502)485-8770
Meyer, Nathan. Asst Supt Accelrated Schl Impr Accelerated Improvement Schools Van Hoose Education Center (502)485-8251 (502)485-8032
Moeller, Kenneth. Principal High School The Phoenix School Of Discovery The Phoenix School of Discovery (502)485-8753 (502)485-8080
Moore, Robert. Chief Of Schools -Clas Academic School Division Van Hoose Education Center (502)485-3011
Morales, Kimberly. Exec Admin Schools High Schools Area-1 Van Hoose Education Center (502)485-8323 (502)485-8174
Moss, Heather. Principal Sac State Agency Administration Van Hoose Education Center (502)485-8314 (502)485-8560
Moss, Heather. Principal Sac The Brook-Dupont The Brook-Dupont (502)485-8314 (502)485-8560
Moss, Heather. Principal Sac The Brook-KMI The Brook-KMI (502)485-8314 (502)485-8560
Moss, Heather. Principal Sac Boys & Girls Haven Boys & Girls Haven (502)485-8314 (502)485-8560
Moss, Heather. Principal Sac St Joseph Children's Home ST JOSEPH CHILDRENS HOME (502)485-8314 (502)485-8560
Moss, Heather. Principal Sac Western Day Treatment Western Day Treatment (502)485-8314 (502)485-8560
Moss, Heather. Principal Sac Louisville Day Treatment LOUISVILLE DAY TREATMENT CTR (502)485-8314 (502)485-8560
Moss, Heather. Principal Sac Audubon Youth Development Center Audubon Youth Development Center (502)485-8314 (502)485-8560
Moss, Heather. Principal Sac Mary Jo & William MacDonald Maryhurst MARYHURST HIGH (502)485-8314 (502)485-8560
Moss, Heather. Principal Sac Bellewood Presbyterian Home For Children Bellewood Presbyterian Home For Children (502)485-8314 (502)485-8560
Moss, Heather. Principal Sac Brooklawn Youth Services Brooklawn (502)485-8314 (502)485-8560
Moss, Heather. Principal Sac Ackerly Ackerly (502)485-8314 (502)485-8560
Moss, Heather. Principal Sac Mary Ryan Academy MARY RYAN ACADEMY (502)485-8314 (502)485-8560
Moss, Heather. Principal Sac Home Of The Innocents Discovery Home of the Innocents Discovery (502)485-8314 (502)485-8560
Moss, Heather. Principal Sac Home Of The Innocents School Home of the Innocents School (502)485-8314 (502)485-8560
Moss, Heather. Principal Sac Peace Academy PEACE ACADEMY SCHOOL (502)485-8314 (502)485-8560
Munoz, Marco. Asst DiR Employee Retention Priority Schools Office Van Hoose Education Center (502)485-3080 (502)485-6255
Muns, Edward. Chief Financial Officer Financial Services Van Hoose Education Center (502)485-3135 (502)485-3019
Natsis, Kenya. Principal Elementary School Rutherford Elementary Rutherford Elementary (502)485-8320 (502)485-8378
Nethery, Sara. Principal Elementary School Bates Elementary Bates Elementary (502)485-8242 (502)485-8663
Neuss, Jason. Principal High School Ballard High Ballard High (502)485-8206 (502)485-8168
Newman, Michael. Principal High School Dupont Manual High DuPont Manual High (502)485-8344 (502)485-8969
Newman, Michael. Principal High School Youth Performing Arts School Youth Performing Arts School (502)485-8344 (502)485-8969
Nicolas, Rebecca. Principal High School Fern Creek High Fern Creek High (502)485-8251 (502)485-8032
Orman, Heather. Principal High School Eastern High Eastern High School (502)485-8299 (502)485-8641
Owens, Nayasha. Principal Middle School Western Middle Western Middle (502)485-8273 (502)485-8045
Palmer, Elizabeth. Principal Elementary School Medora Elementary Medora Elementary (502)485-8328 (502)485-8486
Parks, Arivia. Principal Elementary School Atkinson Academy Atkinson Elementary (502)485-8246 (502)485-8793
Parsons, Angela. Principal High School Brown School BROWN SCHOOL (502)485-8216 (502)485-8741
Perkins, William. Principal Elementary School Wilder Elementary Wilder Elementary (502)485-8350 (502)485-8381
Pierce, William. Ex Ad DiGitl Innov & Prgm Mgmt Digital Innovation Van Hoose Education Center (502)313-2121 (502)485-8381
Pinnick, Ben. Principal Elementary School Wilt Elementary Wilt Elementary (502)485-8353 (502)485-8493
Pollio, Martin. Superintendent Office of the Superintendent Van Hoose Education Center (502)485-3251 (502)485-8832
Porter, Mayria. Director Internal Audit Internal Audit Van Hoose Education Center (502)485-3011
Purlee, Steven. Principal Elementary School Dixie Elementary Dixie Elementary (502)485-8220 (502)485-8517
Randle, Danielle. Principal Elementary School Semple Elementary Semple Elementary (502)485-8324 (502)485-8144
Ray, Shuvon. Principal Elementary School Price Elementary Price Elementary (502)485-8315 (502)485-8485
Redmon, Cameron. Supervisor Vehicle Maintenance Vehicle Maintenance C.B. Young Jr. Service Center (502)485-3326 (502)485-6180
Reker, Jennifer. Principal Special School Waller Environmental Waller Environmental (502)485-3955 (502)485-3776
Revel, Lisa. Exec. Direc. Technology Integr Integration Technology COMPUTER EDUCATION (502)485-3804 (502)485-3601
Rice, Kymberly. Principal High School The Academy @ Shawnee The Academy @ Shawnee (502)485-8326 (502)485-8047
Rivera, Deborah. Principal Elementary School Field Elementary Field Elementary (502)485-8252 (502)485-8576
Robinson, Donald. Ex Admin Fac Main Reno Pro Mgm Property Management & Maintenance C.B. Young Jr. Service Center
Rosenthal, Jessica. Asst Superintendent El Elementary Schools Zone-3 Van Hoose Education Center (502)485-8263 (502)485-8358
Round, Carolyn. Chief Communicatns & Community Communications & Community Relations Division Van Hoose Education Center (502)485-3551
Rowan, Stacey. Principal Elementary School Slaughter Elementary Slaughter Elementary (502)485-8328 (502)485-8486
Russell, Sean. Principal Elementary School Lowe Elementary School Lowe Elementary (502)485-8333 (502)485-8450
Ryan, Clay. Principal Middle School Crosby Middle School Crosby Middle (502)485-8340 (502)485-8140
Satterly, Eric. Chief Information Officer Information Technology Division Van Hoose Education Center (502)485-3011
Schilling, Brooke. Principal Elementary School Jeffersontown Elementary Jeffersontown Elementary (502)485-8274 (502)485-8408
Scott, Heather. Principal Elementary School Gutermuth Elementary Gutermuth Elementary (502)485-6261 (502)485-3257
Self, David. Exec DiR Facility Envir Health Safety & Environmental Services C.B. Young Jr. Service Center (502)485-3445 (502)485-3847
Sells, Joanna. Principal Elementary School Laukhuf Elementary Laukhuf Elementary (502)485-8353 (502)485-8493
Seshadri, Raghu. Exec Admin Informatn Technolgy Information Technology C.B. Young Jr. Service Center (502)485-6101 (502)485-6795
Shanton, John. Principal Elementary School Camp Taylor Elementary Camp Taylor Elementary (502)485-8209 (502)485-8776
Shearon, Melissa. Principal Elementary School Stopher Elementary Stopher Elementary (502)313-2350 (502)485-8033
Shearon, Tyler. Exec Admin Operations Services Southern High School Southern High MCA (502)485-8326 (502)485-8738
Shelby, Synthia. Principal Middle School Frederick Law Olmsted Academy South Olmsted Academy South (502)485-8221 (502)485-8884
Sivori, David. Principal Elementary School Alex R Kennedy Alex R. Kennedy Elementary
Slusher, Kimberly. Principal Elementary School Greathouse Shryock Traditional Greathouse/Shryock Traditional Elementary (502)485-8240 (502)485-8829
Smith, Carolyn. Principal Middle School Farnsley Middle Farnsley Middle (502)485-8279 (502)485-8618
Smith, Stephanie. Principal Elementary School Blake Elementary Blake Elementary (502)485-8337 (502)485-8627
Snow, Gwen. Principal High School ESL Newcomer Academy ESL Newcomer Academy (502)485-6324 (502)485-7764
Stenton, Shawna. Spec. Divers. Equi. Pov. Admin School-Based Decision Making C.B. Young Jr. Service Center (502)485-3056 (502)485-6369
Stivers, Melinda. Principal Elementary School Farmer Elementary Farmer Elementary (502)485-8625 (502)485-8970
Stockwell, Todd. Principal Jeff Co High School Pathfinder School of Innovation Jefferson County High (502)485-8275 (502)485-8832
Strange, Conni. Principal Elementary School Eisenhower Elementary School Eisenhower Elementary (502)485-8244 (502)485-3776
Strite, Amy. Principal Middle School Barret Traditional Middle Barret Traditional Middle (502)485-8299 (502)485-8641
Taul, Toetta. Principal High School Iroquois High Iroquois High MCA (502)485-8304 (502)485-8168
Terry, Andrew. Principal Elementary School Norton Commons Elementary School Norton Commons Elementary School
Toole, Nicholas. Manager Testing Testing C.B. Young Jr. Service Center (502)485-8625 (502)485-8970
Topping, Karen. Principal Elementary School Auburndale Elementary School Auburndale Elementary (502)485-8351 (502)485-8454
Travis, Nicole. Principal Elementary School Trunnell Elementary Trunnell Elementary (502)485-8329 (502)485-8373
Uhlman, Amy. Principal Elementary School Blue Lick Elementary Blue Lick Elementary (502)485-8212 (502)485-8131
Vitato, Allyson. Principal Elementary School Maupin Elementary Maupin Elementary
Waggoner, Karen. Principal Elementary School Jacob Elementary Jacob Elementary (502)485-8264 (502)485-8965
Wales, Ramon. Principal Elementary School Minors Lane Elementary Minors Lane Elementary (502)485-8256 (502)485-8453
Walker, Erika. Principal Elementary School Audubon Traditional Elem Audubon Traditional Elementary (502)485-8259 (502)485-8768
Wathen, Lisa. Principal Elementary School Bowen Elementary Bowen Elementary (502)485-8213 (502)485-8578
Watts, Jason. Principal Middle School Carrithers Middle School Carrithers Middle (502)485-8224 (502)485-8394
West-Jordan, Shervita. Principal Elementary School Brandeis Elementary Brandeis Elementary (502)485-8214 (502)778-7354
Whitis, Dustin. Principal Elementary School Breckinridge-Franklin Elementary Breckinridge-Franklin Elementary (502)485-8215 (502)485-8628
Willen, Kenneth. Mngr. Digital Priv/Cyber Secur Digital Privacy and Cybersecurity Van Hoose Education Center (502)485-3110 (502)451-0637
Williams, Sarah. Principal Elementary School Luhr Elementary Luhr Elementary (502)485-8295 (502)485-8426
Wood, Joseph. Principal Elementary School Indian Trail Elementary Indian Trail Elementary (502)485-8290 (502)485-8557
Works, Rachel. Principal Elementary School Tully Elementary Tully Elementary (502)485-8244 (502)485-8552
Wynn, Joe. Director Purchasing Purchasing C.B. Young Jr. Service Center (502)485-7860 (502)485-3707
Young, Letisha. Principal Elementary School Foster Traditional Academy Foster Traditional Academy (502)485-8253 (502)485-8665
Zeller, Joseph. Principal Middle School Westport Middle School Westport Middle (502)485-8346 (502)485-8590