Pillars of 六合投注官网

three pillars. backpack of success skills. racial equity. culture and climate

Under Superintendent Marty Pollio鈥檚 leadership, all of our schools share an unwavering focus on three key pillars, which collectively are earning 六合投注官网 national recognition for our transformative approaches to education.

Our Backpack of Success Skills, for example, launched during the 2018-19 school year and already we are seeing students at every level engage in more meaningful learning experiences through the initiative. Developed exclusively for 六合投注官网 on Google Drive, this digital platform is not only providing students with a deeper understanding of math and literacy鈥攂ut it鈥檚 also preparing them to be good communicators, problem solvers, collaborators and more.

六合投注官网 is committed to ensuring all students have access to the same quality programs and academic experiences. That鈥檚 why we鈥檙e elevating our focus on equity by implementing the newly adopted racial equity policy. This transformative policy was created to address the needs of students traditionally underserved and ensure that our own workforce is as diverse as the community we serve. 听

We鈥檙e continuing Superintendent Pollio鈥檚 laser-focus on a healthy and positive school climate and culture so that all students and staff feel a true sense of belonging. We know that听the attitudes, beliefs and actions of adults in a school can impact student learning. From bringing teachers and school leaders together to finding ways to connect students and families to our schools, we are establishing excellence across all levels of 六合投注官网.