Inclement Weather

This page contains information for Jefferson County Public Schools (Ͷע) students, families, and the community. Ͷע employees, see .

Ͷע posts official announcements on the homepage of this website, on our and , and through our School Messengeralert systemwhenever school is canceled, delayed, or dismissed early because of bad weather. In addition, local television and radio stations broadcast announcements.

We take multiple measures to ensure that our decision is the best one for our students. These measures include:

  • Continually speaking with the National Weather Service, which has the most accurate and advanced technology in the country.
  • Driving through all areas of the city before students arrive at bus stops.
  • Assessing accumulations of snow and ice at our schools and other facilities.
  • Monitoring the HVAC systems within our schools to ensure they are working properly.
  • Monitoring traffic conditions throughout the city with the support of Louisville Metro Government and Ͷע Security staff.

After this process is complete, the Ͷע staff makes a recommendation to the superintendent, who makes the final decision about delaying, closing, or dismissing school.


If schools open on a delayed schedule:

  • Bus pick-up will be delayed accordingly. For example, if schools open on a one-hour delay, bus pick-up times will also be delayed by an hour.
  • Childcare Enrichment Program (CEP) sites will open at their normal time (7 a.m.).
  • Early Childhood classes will beon a delayed schedule, andbus transportation will not be provided for Early Childhood students. Ͷע will be responsible for transporting the studentsto andfromclasses.

Schools are Closed

The superintendent may decide to use up to ten Non-Traditional Instruction (NTI) days or cancel school completely. When this happens:

  • Early Childhood classes are canceled if the district cancels school completely. Early Childhood moves to NTI if the district moves to NTI.
  • The CEP snow sites operate. For more information, call (502) 485-3834 or (502) 637-1575.
  • After-school activities, including athletic practices, will be canceled, but athletic and academic tournaments may still be held. Contact your child's coach or sponsor.

Early Dismissals

If schools are dismissed early:

  • Students who receive bus transportation for full-day Early Childhood classes will be transported home after elementary students are delivered. If bus transportation was provided to an Early Childhood student for a half-day class, transportation home will also be provided when school is dismissed early..
  • After-school activities, classes, and programs—including Extended School Services (ESS), Community School Programs, tutoring programs, Jefferson County High classes, and Adult Education classes—will be canceled. Check with your child's school to see if the early dismissal will affect evening competitions.