502 Food Works Fueling Louisville's Future

2023-24 School Year

Every student in Jefferson County Public Schools (Ͷע) is eligible for free breakfast and lunch regardless of their family’s income.

The Community Eligibility (CE) program was extended to ALL Ͷע schools in late August 2023, bringing the total to 147 cafeterias.

  • Families should continue to fill out theEducational Benefits Formfor K-12 students. This form is needed to determine eligibility for various additional state and federal program benefits that your child may qualify for and to determine funding for your school.
  • Families who have Early Childhood students should fill out aMeal Applicationfor the snack program during the school day.

Please visit theMeal Applicationspage for more information regarding forms to fill out and links to both types of forms.

If you attend the Pathfinder School of Innovation and need information about meal service, contact (502) 485-3186.

School and Community Nutrition Services (502 Food Works) oversees schools to ensure that healthy and safe meals and/or snacks are always available to students. 502 Food Works is committed to providing nutritious meals and a variety of items. We provide meals for breakfast, lunch, after-school programs, summertime, and even meals during emergencies.

Nutrition Services offers SNAC groups (Student Nutrition Advisory Councils) in schools to taste test products in order to get feedback from the students as well as random surveys throughout the year to find menu choices that they want.

502 Food Works is one of the best values around, providing well-balanced meals with all five food groups. We follow the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) nutrition requirements that include age- and grade-appropriate calorie ranges, whole-grain-rich products, low-fat dairy, reduced sodium, and no trans-fats.

We love Fueling Louisville’s Future one meal at a time!