STRaYSTRaY Bears:Bears: AlienAlien MutationMutation (M.A.S)(M.A.S)

STRaY Bears: Alien Mutation will be the first of multiple upcoming FREE to mint NFT drops on the Ethereum Blockchain designed to provide unmatched value to new STRaY Bear NFT holders and to really give back to our community who are the lifeblood of our genesis STRaY Bear NFT project

This M.A.S Collection will consist of 7777 Mutant Alien STRaY’s (M.A.S) NFT’s unlike anything you’ve seen and will also include 25 super special 1/1’s. Created using over 400 hand drawn traits and attributes in a way that has not been done yet to create a truly unique collection of stunning yet intriguing NFT pfp artworks.

We will be utilising the updated erc721a contract along with other advancements to produce an ultra gas efficient contract to enable everyone to mint without having to worry about gas fees.

STRaY Bears: Alien Mutation will be FREE to mint for everyone and limited to 1 mint per wallet. But, if you are a STRaY Holder we have something extra special for you. 

To really reward our holders for their continued support and commitment to the growth of our genesis project, our contract will airdrop 5 M.A.S for every STRaY you hold for FREE upon deployment before the public mint. 

Also, from now until the M.A.S drop we will be running a special “Mint 1 Get 1 FREE” Double Mint Pass offer on our STRaY Bears Genesis Collection. This essentially means that minting just 1 Genesis STRaY will reward you with 1 additional STRaY and therefore qualify you to be airdropped 10 M.A.S

This creates the ultimate value proposition for new members and the perfect way to repay all of our current holders for their continued support.

A new member can mint a Genesis STRaY Bear NFT, snipe a Genesis STRaY Bear NFT from the Opensea floor or win one of the many Genesis STRaY Bear NFT’s up for grabs in our weekly Discord giveaways and then get airdropped 5 M.A.S NFT’s for FREE per Genesis STRaY held to then flip and get into profit on the secondary market if you wish. 

So, for example, if you hold 5 Genesis STRaY Bear NFT’s, you’ll be airdropped 25 M.A.S NFT’s!


We anticipate 50% of the total supply will be airdropped to STRaY Bear Genesis holders

Mint a Genesis STRaY Bear NFT here: >>>> :9768discordverifyblue:<<<<

 If you are having issues connecting your wallet on browser or mobile please use our backup minting page: :9768discordverifyblue:

Snipe a Genesis STRaY Bear NFT here: Opensea (Official Collection): :9768discordverifyblue:

Win a Genesis STRaY Bear NFT Here:  :9768discordverifyblue:

Once in our Discord, simply head over to the #active-giveaways channel for details on all the ways you can win a Genesis STRaY Bear NFT to be able to mint at least 5 M.A.S NFT’s for FREE.

LFG Bears!  

When Mint?


Minting is currently anticipated to begin 30th July 2022 18:00 (UTC), but, to stay up to date and to be the first to know of all M.A.S announcements remember to follow us on Twitter and join our active Discord community using the buttons below.

Also remember to check out the STRaY Bears Genesis NFT Collection to learn about the utility of the upcoming $SNATCH Token, Animated Series, STRaY Vs J.I.J Game, and much more that comes with qualifying for the M.A.S NFT airdrop just by owning a Genensis STRaY Bear NFT.

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